Work one-to-one with a Senior Marketing Executive that will listen to your objectives, recommend quality email or postal lists, find an appropriate banner placement and complement all marketing efforts with social posts.

A cohesive marketing strategy will Enhance your Brand recognition which will attract leads interested in your product or service.



Let 40 years of expertise help save you time in reaching your exact audience. 

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Your Success Is Our Business

Our mission is to get to know you and the industry you work in.

With thorough research of your industry and your marketing objectives, we recommend marketing lists with other marketing channels to create a cohesive strategy.

We are all about the Relationships! Both the relationships we have with our customers and the relationships we help your company form with your new leads. Creating a foundation for building strong relationships will help your company be successful.
No long-term contracts.
Hire us for the projects you need!
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  • Reach Biotechnology Industry with Email Lists, Postal Lists
  • Executive Program
  • B2B Industrial Auctions

We work in several different industries all over the world.

At World Innovators, we are small enough to keep evolving for your specific industry but big enough to offer great service!

This is a direct result of our 40 years of success!

If you would like to see what sources would be good for your specific offer, book a 30 minute consultation.


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Kind Words From Our Clients

"I have had the pleasure of  working with World Innovators & Donna for 20 years. Donna’s dedication has always gone above and beyond. I cannot say enough about her outstanding work ethic. She is always accommodating and reliable to our business needs, making our campaigns effective and successful. Donna fully understands our business, researching new opportunities and making suggestions for our marketing targets and audience without hesitation. I can always expect promptness, a high level of professionalism and friendliness from Donna, Greg or Anne. I highly recommend World Innovators to others, as they are an extremely reliable direct marketing business with their expertise."

~ Lyn Bishop - VP of Marketing, Heritage Global Partners


"Since I have known Donna [at World Innovators], she has helped me reach audiences for all types of industrial assets. I have worked for two separate auction houses in this time – each with very different business models – and Donna has consistently tailored the solutions she provided to meet the objectives for the separate businesses. I have worked with Donna to promote auctions in Mexico, Canada and throughout the US and she has geo-targeted my requests flawlessly every time. She takes all aspects of your business into account and excels at prioritizing needs within any budget. In short, I completely trust Donna to deliver effective, reliable strategy each time I work with her and I recommend her wholeheartedly."

~ Marketer at a large, publicly-traded industrial auction and disposition company


"I had the pleasure of working with Donna Peterson to promote Executive Education programs at a renowned University in the Boston area. Donna's expertise in reaching very targeted audiences for print and digital marketing campaigns made her an invaluable partner to work with. 

Donna’s exemplary work ethic and ability to effectively multitask enabled her to accomplish more in a single year than most would in three. Donna is a leader in her field and is always looking for ways to make marketing campaigns more innovative and effective. She always makes me feel like my projects are her highest priority despite having numerous clients and projects occurring simultaneously. 

Donna is as good a person as she is great to work with. I consider myself fortunate to have had a chance to work with her for several years. She is an invaluable extension of our marketing team and our campaigns would not have been as successful without her insights and expertise."

~ Alexandra Robbins



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