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Maximize your B2B outreach efforts.


We boost your audience using proven marketing strategies, starting with:

  • Ensuring your customer/prospect list is clean, complete, and current.
  • Analyzing buying patterns to target your specific audience effectively.
  • Placing educational content strategically to attract interest.
  • Sending direct marketing materials to enhance your brand, always prioritizing quality over quantity.

With 43 years of expertise, our team expertly identifies your audience and the most effective marketing sources. We use verified responsive email lists and a tailored relationship-building strategy to ensure your messages reach the right people and inspire action. 

Tactical Business Growth - B2B Marketing



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"Revitalize your extended videos into compelling snippets and elevate your video views by 12%. Discover the ease of Descript for crafting these bite-sized videos effortlessly. Imagine transforming a one-hour interview into an entire month of engaging content that captivates your audience. People rather watch a video than read."

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CEO Donna Peterson.

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43yrs of Experience & Knowledge in the Industrial B2B Space.

At World Innovators, we recognize the uniqueness of every industry, company, and team. Our personalized approach crafts a personalized  marketing plan with direct marketing sources to achieve your goals. As your partners, we ensure a seamless strategy to transform prospects into loyal clients, acting as your dedicated marketing team. 

Whether you're looking for assistance on a single project or seeking a partner for annual campaigns, we're flexible.

Understanding that the business landscape is ever-evolving, we do not have long-term contracts. This flexibility ensures that our services continuously align with your changing needs, offering peace of mind and a partnership that truly serves your best interests.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I have had the pleasure of working with World Innovators & Donna for 20 years. World Innovators fully understands our business, researching new opportunities and making suggestions for our marketing targets and audience without hesitation

Lyn Bishop 

VP of Marketing, Heritage Global Partners

I had the pleasure of working with Donna Peterson to promote Executive Education programs at a renowned University in the Boston area. Donna is a leader in her field and is always looking for ways to make marketing campaigns more innovative and effective.

Alexandra Robbins

VP of Marketing