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Social Media

A Social Media strategy can give your business a strong online presence while getting more connected to your customers.

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Social Media, when used strategically with other marketing initiatives can be a very effective way to enhance your brand image.  

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When doing social media marketing, you must make sure the person creating the content really understands the company, the philosophy, its mission, and its community.  Be authentic and consistent! 
The logical choice would be to have someone in-house to do the posting - 
BUT for most companies this is not an option -
  • They can't afford to hire a full-time employee dedicated to social media
  • Employees do not have time to learn to use the tools
  • Do not have the knowledge of social media etiquette
  • Unable to keep current on new social media developments
  • Do not want to spend hours growing a quality community online.
It is more profitable for companies to spend their time doing the things they know best, like running the company.
  • Chefs Email lists, postal lists, banners-1
  • Welding
  • Scientists email list, postal list, banners
  • Executives via Email Lists, Postal List, Baners-1
  • Mechanical Engineers for Direct Marketing campaign-1
  • Reach Engineers via Email List, Postal List, Banner

Keep your Company in forefront of people's minds. 

Social Media is a great way to show them your ideas and mission as a company.  Be authentic and consistent!

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