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 How A B2B List Broker Can Help You

Utilize 41 years of knowledge and experience to cut through all the garbage data out in the marketplace.

Finding the right source for your Direct Marketing campaigns can be a difficult time-consuming task.

There are several different sources to use to reach your target audience but do they ever convert to actual customers?  A reputable List Broker can save you Time and Money and create a greater ROI.

  • Trade associations and professional bodies
  • Publishers of online and offline media
  • Conference and exhibition organizers
  • Data compilers
  • Market research companies

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Once there is a clear understanding of the target audience we will reevaluate the following for strategic targeting.

  • DETERMINE THE BASELINE  |  What marketing lists have worked or not worked in the past?
  • UNCOVER SOURCES  |   What magazines does your audience great?  What conferences do they attend? Are they members of specific associations?
  • TALK WITH LISTOWNER | Find out how they keep the file clean/updated and compliant. Discuss what selects, offers, and channels have been working best in their specific industry.
  • IMPLEMENT A PLAN  |  Make a recommendation showing List name, Selects, Quantity, Cost, and Link to datacard or media kit with more details. 
  • TRACK & ANALYZE  |  What sources produced the highest response?
  • EVALUATE | Planning next action to sustain success. Create each campaign so it builds off the previous one.

"Donna is extremely professional and very intelligent when it comes to business strategy and marketing. I can always count on Donna when I need assistance in marketing my industry specific events. Due to her promptness, detail-oriented personality and experience, Donna has helped me succeed in every project that she has assisted me with. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to work with her in the future."

Sarah Kilburne, EquipNet


41st Anniversary


Multichannel Marketing - Traditional & Inbound

  • Email Lists
  • Postal Lists
  • Phone Lists
  • Banners
  • Sponsorships
  • Space Ads
  • Marketing Automation 

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