Finding Quality Sources to Use To Promote Your Executive Education Programs can Be Time Consuming. 

Your University/College has a prestigious reputation so you must make sure that you only use reputable high quality channels to promote your programs.

For 4 decades we have sat down with publishers and conference companies to vet sources and make sure that they are doing everything to be compliant and up-to-date.  Utilize our knowledge and experience to save you Time and Money.

Several Executive Education programs still rely heavily on postal campaigns but to find quality responsive lists has become a challenge.  

World Innovators was founded in 1980 as a list company but even though we have evolved into a full service marketing agency we are still deeply involved in our list roots.

Here is a list of a few of the lists we have used for a our clients -   Click Here

  • Reach Executives in All Industries
  • Scientists need microscope in laboratory-1
  • Executive Education Class
  • Executives via Email Lists, Postal List, Baners-1

How to find the people who will want to attend your programs - 

Everyone is short on TIME.  Asking Executive to take time out of the office is a large request.   You need to show them the value of your program with your marketing.  It can not just be a one off promotion.   You have to give them details on different channels so they can determine that they just HAVE to attend your program.

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Who will get the most out of your program?  

As you know in order to get people to register for a particular program, you must get your message in front of the right people at the right time.

You give us all the information about a particular program and who should attend and we will tell you the best sources and channels to use to help these executives advance their careers.

Filling out this Target Audience Worksheet helps us get started.

Tell us why they should attend this program -  Is it to earn credits? Gain new skills and knowledge?  

When you work with our specialists we will always dig deeper than your target industry. We ask many questions to enable us to recommend the optimal tactics and resources to find your buyers.



One size doesn’t fit all.

For each campaign, we consider not just email and direct mail lists, display ads, e-newsletter sponsorship and more.

Our experience, across many industrial sectors, gives us the opportunity to gather first-hand intelligence from a huge variety of media. We channel this knowledge into each and every campaign we research for you. So, if banner ads perform better than email lists from a specific source we will guide your strategy accordingly. If your budget only allows for a short, quick-fire campaign, we will advise you of the optimal fast response media options.

Our specialists search for combinations of different media to help you achieve maximum exposure, within your desired timeframe and most importantly, within your budget. Request a Complimentary Recommendation.



You need to have a strategic marketing plan in place so that your Executive Education programs are promoted in a timely fashion. Here are two examples -

Example 1:  Do an Email blast and then send a postal piece only to the people who clicked. In order to get this promotion done on time, we have to work backward to figure out the best time to send the email while giving us enough time to send out the postal promotion.   This example saved on Postal costs and Increased registrants. 

Example 2:  Do an email blast and then use the findings from who Opened or Clicked on the promotion to set up an Audience Extension/Programmatic Program (banners on sites they are on) to run 1 month before the registration deadline.

Nowadays one-off promotions do not work. You need to nurture the lead into taking action. 

Whether you’re short-staffed at peak periods or simply want additional expert guidance we have a solution to help.

Call today to see if World Innovators is the right fit for what you need  -  1-860-210-8088 -  Ask to speak with Donna Peterson.




"I had the pleasure of working with Donna Peterson to promote Executive Education programs at a renowned University in the Boston area. Donna's expertise in reaching very targeted audiences for print and digital marketing campaigns made her an invaluable partner to work with. 

Donna’s exemplary work ethic and ability to effectively multitask enabled her to accomplish more in a single year than most would in three. Donna is a leader in her field and is always looking for ways to make marketing campaigns more innovative and effective. She always makes me feel like my projects are her highest priority despite having numerous clients and projects occurring simultaneously. 

Donna is as good a person as she is great to work with. I consider myself fortunate to have had a chance to work with her for several years. She is an invaluable extension of our marketing team and our campaigns would not have been as successful without her insights and expertise."

- Alexandra Robbins


"Donna is extremely professional and very intelligent when it comes to business strategy and marketing. I can always count on Donna when I need assistance in marketing my industry specific events. Due to her promptness, detail-oriented personality and experience, Donna has helped me succeed in every project that she has assisted me with. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to work with her in the future.

- Sarah Kilburne, EquipNet



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