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How Renting Quality Business Email Lists Can Bring You Quality Leads

If you are looking for quality leads as quickly as possible, then renting a reputable email list is the perfect solution. The major question is how to find reputable business email lists?



Some businesses contemplate buying/renting email lists, but several sources report that doing this is a bad idea. It is a bad idea to purchase or rent business email lists from certain list vendors.  

Have you ever received one of these promotions- 

First Example:

Bad Business Email Lists

RED FLAG - No conference company will release their attendees list before their conference. Conference companies usually wait at least 6 months after the conference to rent the data and then they will only rent it to certain companies. I get this type of email before any conference that I am attending. In the Fall I received one for MarketingProfs B2B Forum, so I called my friend at MarketingProfs and she confirmed there is no way they would ever release that information because it is such a valuable asset.


Second Example:

Bad compiled business email lists

RED FLAG - I received this email 3 times from the same person but from different Domains.

I totally agree, it is a bad idea to rent or buy data from these vendors and that is why you must make sure you know the EXACT source of the data and the list vendor you are working with. 




Before we get started on finding good lists, we must all agree that quality leads are a result of having a good list but also having specific marketing goals, responsive creatives with the right call-to-action, and an enticing subject line.


#1 Determine your Marketing Goals

Setting marketing goals will give you an endpoint to achieve. SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Timely. Example Goal: 10% increase of Marketing Qualified Leads each month to send to your sales team, which will result in 1% of new customers.

Free Download - How to Determine Your SMART Marketing Goals

#2 Enticing Subject Line

Your subject line is like a gatekeeper. It does not matter how good your content is because if your subject line does not get them to open the email, they will never read your information. If the subject line resonates with the recipient by answering a question or a problem they are having, then they will open the email to read on. Here are some tips to improve your open rate:

  1. 60 characters in length
  2. Create a sense of urgency
  3. Put important words at the beginning
  4. Ask questions
  5. Emojis - There is lots of talk about using emojis; for specific business niche offers, I would not use them.
  6. Personalize the subject line with the individual or company name - Example: Is "COMPANY NAME" interested in purchasing CNC equipment?
  7. Test, Test, Test - Different types of subject lines work for different industries, and then when you think you know what to use, it might change. Always be testing so you are sure to use the best possible option to lead you to the best results. 


#3 Responsive Email Creative with a Good Call-to-Action

Think about what pain points you are trying to solve and how it can help companies. Put your customer's need above your goals, and you will succeed. Here are a few tips -

  • Use single column format so it will be easily read on mobile devices.
  • Font should be at least 16px for quick and easy reading.
  • The first paragraph has to pull the prospect in, so make the content easy to read. Tell them what they will learn if they read on. Use paragraphs of 3 to 4 sentences, with each sentence around 15+ words.
  • Concentrate on educating instead of selling. Describe what your product/service does and how it can help companies. If your email is reaching the right person at the right time, they will conclude that they need to buy, or at least determine it is something they are interested in learning more about.
  • Use whitespace (empty space) so that your content and CTA stand out.  Whitespace around the CTA will make it easier for people to click on mobile devices.  Remember some people have wide fingers.
  • Use a call-to-action that persuades prospects to take action. Tell the recipient what action to take - "Click Here", "Download Now", "Sign-up".  Here are a few CTA Examples.


#4 Uncovering the Best Email List for your Promotion.

Before you start researching business lists you must have a clear picture of whom you are trying to reach based on who has been interested in your offer. You should know: Geo, Industry, Purchasing Influence, Size of Company, Sales Volume, Job Title, Magazines they Read, and Conferences they Attend. These details about the customer will allow you to understand their purchase behavior in a deeper sense so you know what ways to best target them.

Renting a business email list will give you access to a 3rd party database. When you find the best list to reach your target audience, you will increase your lead list with a higher % converting to customers. Here are some details you will need to know:


There are 2 Types of Lists -

  1. Compiled Lists: A database that is put together from a variety of different sources and is usually less expensive. These lists are rented or sold, but I encourage my clients only to use rental data. ***Careful here because there are a lot of unethical groups promoting data that is very inexpensive, but do not let that low price ruin your company's reputation***.
  2. Response Lists: Lists of subscribers to a specific magazine, attendees to a particular conference, or members of an association. These lists are valuable assets and are only rented on a 1-time use rate. Put together a list of magazines your above audience will read and conferences they will attend and then go and see if they will allow you to rent their email list. Here is a list of questions to ask them -
  • How is the list sourced? → You want to make sure the list is not of anyone who downloaded a free offer. You want to make sure the person filled out a qualification form so that the information reported is correct
  • How old is the file? → Make sure you are only receiving people who renewed or subscribed within the last year.
  • How often do they clean and update the list?
  • What is the process they use to update the file?
  • Is the file Can-Spam, GDPR, and CCPA compliant?
  • Is every record opted-in to receiving 3rd party promotions?
  • Talk with the publisher to make sure your offer will be a good fit for their audience and what marketing channels they feel would be best. You will be amazed at how much great information you will receive.

Reputable vendors are trying to help you receive the best results so that you come back and use their business email list regularly. It is not about a one-off sale but more about building a relationship that will last for years.

Be careful to align yourself with a reputable List Broker or List Vendor that will only recommend quality sources and will do anything necessary to make your campaign as successful as possible.