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Marketing Executive Education Programs

By Donna Peterson

"The people who are crazy enough

to think they can change the world

are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs

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Industrial Auction Companies What Is Your Largest Challenge?

By Donna Peterson

Have you ever promoted an auction and gotten stressed out because you were not seeing people register?

People register for auctions later and later, sometimes pushing registration off to the day of the auction.

How do you market your auction with confidence that the registrant will come?

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How Much Does a Marketing List Cost?

By Donna Peterson

The owner of the data dictates the pricing of a list, so the cost varies depending on Industry, Selections, Geo, and, most importantly the Type of List: Email - Postal - Telemarketing. The advertised price on most lists is on cost per thousand bases (noted /M). If working with a list broker, they can generally negotiate a lower price based on the volume they do with each vendor.


Before reviewing prices, you must make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples.


You can buy thousands of records for around $100. But, wait before you get excited, these files are a combination of records harvested from unknown sources and are not permission-based, they are considered "JUNK LISTS". Often, the people on these lists have not given their consent to be listed or opted-in. Continue reading because, in the next section, there will be more information on how to determine safe lists.  


If the Price is too low, the data is most likely old or illegally gathered.


There are 3 ways to buy/rent data:

  • 1 year Lease of Data: Pricing: $300/M - $400/M Worldwide data.  1-year lease allows you to use the data for 12 months on an unlimited basis. Due to GDPR some listowners will only supply generic emails, so make sure you confirm that before ordering.  Here are some of the data fields you will receive information on: Company name, Job Function, Full Postal address, Phone No., Email where available, Website URL, Primary Industry, Head Office, Employee Size, and Revenue. This data is phone verified regularly by individuals in English speaking countries.
  • Outright Purchase: There are a few vendors that might allow you to purchase postal and email data, but this is not the norm in the data industry. This pricing varies a great deal from $100/M to $1,000/M, it all depends on the type of data (postal, phones, email) you want to receive, and how many selects (job title, job function, employee size, etc.) you specify. 
  • Renting Data For a One-Time/Multiple Use: With this option, a client rents the data for 1-3x use on their chosen dates. We encourage our clients to use this option since it allows companies the most flexibility in planning a marketing campaign. A client can rent lists from multiple sources pulling different selects and test them against each other.

There are 2 main types of lists - Compiled & Response:

Compiled lists are a combination of records from a variety of different sources. For example, - Dun & Bradstreet, Hoover, and ZoomInfo. Some compiled lists are sold on a monthly subscription basis, but they do not give you the flexibility to test different industry-specific files to see which are the best for your offer.

The pricing below is based on one-time use.      

Compiled Email List Prices: $ 40/M - $425/M         

Compiled Postal List Prices: $ 65/M - $375/M


Response lists are a combination of individuals from Industry-specific publishers/magazines and conference companies who have responded to a specific offer and have opted-in to receive 3rd party promotions. These lists are a valuable asset to the owner because they use the same files for their internal promotions. The owners will never release the email addresses to an advertiser. Instead, the advertiser's HTML must be sent to them so they can do the email deployment, and the postal list delivered to a bonded mail house.   

Response Email List Prices: $ 300/M - $500/M Worldwide,   

Response Postal List Prices: $ 150/M - $325/M Worldwide


The minimum on each list varies, but most vendors use a 5,000 record minimum.


As mentioned above, we highly recommend renting data for one-time use. Start with a small test, analyze results, and change selects to improve responses on later marketing campaigns. Once you have a good understanding of your specific audience or ideal target, the your ROI will be.


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4 Steps to Find Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Marketing Lists

By Donna Peterson

You have a great offer and if you could get your Direct Marketing message in front of the right audience, at the right time, you will be able to increase sales.  
Taking time to research different marketing lists and seeing if they have an intent to purchase, will pay off in the long run with a higher response rates and fewer steps for your sales team by reaching such a targeted audience.  79% Higher close rate when using intent data.
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