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Increase Visitors to your Site and Registrants to your Industrial Auction

Driving high volumes of traffic to your website doesn’t always spell success when it comes to auctions. Savvy marketers are digging deep into their data to understand where their buyers actually come from and how to hold on to them. There are several industrial auction companies out in the marketplace so you must make sure your messaging is consistent and follows your branding specifications.


Ultimate Goal:   Increase Equipment SALES

Picking up vast quantities of traffic, even traffic from qualified, known buyer sources is simply not enough. A contact with buying authority may not have a current demand, or possibly budget to spend in your sale. Website visitors, both new and returning, need to register and then go on to buy in your sale.

Getting regular auction buyers back to your sale

Frequent auction goers often register for every sale that is of mild interest to them - if they do proceed to bid it’s quicker and easier for them to get started on the auction day. It’s a smart strategy for any savvy buyer.

So on the day of your sale, how do you make sure that your auction is the priority for those prospective buyers? Keeping your auction highlights in front of them is essential - make sure they know when the sale starts and when key lots are likely to be sold. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a registrant will automatically become a buyer. Online selling is more accessible than ever and competition for buyers is global.


Steps to acquiring traffic and gaining registrations

There are a wide range of media options available and we’ll be happy to advise you on specialist packages we’ve tried and tested. High quality email and postal data files have a clear, proven track record for acquiring prospects, but there are a few other steps for consistent success.

  1. Get the first click ~

    Make sure you give your audience a good reason to click - it could be making sure you include a good cross-section of lots available or simply making your call-to-action button prominent.    a) Call To Action Button at the top    b) Enticing  c) Stands-out   (Mobile tip:  Make sure there is enough padding around the CTA so that people with larger fingers will be able to click.)

  2. They’re on your site, now what?   

    Getting a visitor is great, but this is where their experience really begins. Take a look at your page layout, is it clear and easy to navigate?  Can the prospect easily find the lots to browse and can they instantly see how to register for the sale?   Is it easy for them to make a BID?
  3. Get the registration ~

    Keeping things simple is great, but when you’re running an auction you need a lot of information from bidders up front. *** TEST IT -   Register in your next sale as if you’re a buyer, is it an easy process? Could you make any small improvements that could dramatically improve the user experience and therefore increase your registration numbers?
  4. Keep in touch ~

    Just because someone’s registered for a sale doesn’t mean it’s going to be their top priority on sale day. Make sure you have an automated solution to keep them up to date with the sale, when it opens, how to bid and how to contact customer services if they need to, When the sale is closing.  Ex:   One day left,   Remaining hours to Bid - Don't miss out
  5. Clean up ~

    There will be visitors to your site who don’t find what they’re looking for in a specific sale, but they could be a valuable contact for the future. Make sure you have a prominent sign-up for "Future Auction Announcements". If they subscribe you’ll be able to notify them of future sales so they can buy the equipment they are looking for.
    Industrial Auction Connect-engage-register

People used to register for auctions 2 weeks in advance and now they are waiting longer and longer to register.   Most people don't register until the day of the sale so we have found the multi-channel or multi-frequency promotions have worked best.   

Successful Email Package: Three Email Blasts

2 Blasts to the entire list of the HTML showing the primary equipment

3rd blast is a personalize text email with a quick reminder that the sale is coming up.

Would you like other suggestions of what we have seen work well for auctions?

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