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Is ChatGPT Good or Bad?

Chat GPT was introduced to all of us in November 2022. Most of us thought it was the answer to our prayers. I know I did. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I started using Chat GPT for various tasks that usually took me hours, but now this fantastic AI tool was doing it in minutes, if not seconds.


I started using it for:

  • Content Ideas
  • Writing great grammatically correct content for sales letters, blogs, and website pages.
  • Precise summaries of videos and stories with bullets.
  • Producing responsive posts and messages 


I was not alone, as you can see from this article written by Stephen Shankind, "Why We're Obsessed With the Mind-Blowing ChatGPT

AI Chatbot".


But as much as I loved the time-saving aspect of using ChatGPT, things started to come up that caused me to stop and evaluate what I was doing.



The first thing that came up was when I was showing one of my publishing companies Chat GPT and all the things it can do. So, out of curiosity, we asked Chat GPT, who published his magazine. Much to our surprise it came back with the wrong company matter of fact it tied the magazine to an Association. Then a day later, I asked ChatGPT the same question, and again, it gave the wrong answer, but this time it was a different association.   


So from this, ChatGPT is inaccurate and should not be used, but wait. This mistake of ChatGPT uncovered an issue my client needed to address. As a magazine, they had to be more vocal about who owned the magazine and published it. So it found something we did not know was an issue that had to be clarified.



Business success only comes to those companies that see the value and work hard at forming relationships with their employees, vendors, and clients. As I started to read my content and the content of others I knew were using Chat GPT, I noticed it was all so generic. It was excellent and thorough, but there was nothing unique about it.   


Reviewing so much generic content was my AHA moment. WHAT WAS I DOING? Every day I talk with clients about using their unique voices and being authentic. Yet, here I was, regurgitating content produced by a robot. The content was not the tone of World Innovators or the voice of Donna Peterson. It was time to step back and figure out what I was doing.  


To form a relationship, you have to put some skin in the game. You got to dive deep to get to know the individual and send them information that would interest them. You've got to show you care, and you understand.


Ray Schultz touches on this in his article, "B2B Sellers Should Include Financial Data in Emails, Not Sound Robotic."



Both - Chat GPT is Good and Bad. Companies should use Chat GPT as a baseline. Chat GPT will still save people time, but then they must do their due diligence to ensure accurate information. 


Posting content and sending regular emails is essential, but we all must ensure the message reflects our unique voices as individuals and as a company.


Here is a great article to read on the same topic from M.T. Fletcher - "Why ChatGPT Can't Save Marketing or Marketers".


Companies can grow yearly if they take the time to build relationships. Building relationships takes a lot of time and energy. From time to time, we will find something that will help us save some time, but I will caution, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.  


Remember you must always put your Unique Brand and Authentic Voice out in the marketplace if you want to stand out.


Wish you the best in forming some valuable relationships.