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Why All Industrial Auction Companies Need To Be Blogging

The word “blog” has been used for many years, associated with all levels of content creation, from a daily journal to a CEO’s official channel of communication. In 2020, the purpose of a blog is both multi-purposed and multifaceted. Blogs are an essential staple of a strong marketing strategy. They are especially prevalent in the B2B space, with 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Industrial Auctions can use blogging to educate and promote the benefits of using auction services.

Reach the right audience for your next auction
Blogging has become a marker in the overall content strategy to truly represent a company’s brand and all it encompasses. Studies, news, tools, tips, product shares, and market trends are shared with your readers and potential customers in an instant. Auction companies who use blogging in their overall strategy ensure an increase in brand awareness, integrity, trustworthiness, leads, and conversion rates - all while connecting their marketing message back to the business itself.

Blog Idea #1: Industrial Auction companies can use blogging to describe how to buy or sell in an auction setting. 

Content is the heart and soul of a company’s inbound marketing strategy. It holds the ability to represent the brand on multiple levels, including the connection to the target market. 

Blog Idea #2: Auction companies can educate companies on how they can make money from surplus assets.

The best way to consistently create fresh content, amplify existing content, and bring new life to older content, is through blogging. 

Blog Idea #3: In an Auction, a company can pick-up a much-needed piece of equipment at a greatly reduced rate. 

WI Specialist in Auction Marketing

The use of blogs by companies of every size is on the rise. Approximately 65% of companies with under 100 employees maintain a blog. These companies have learned why blogs are effective and necessary. 

Blog Idea #4: Describe upcoming auctions and the assets that will be up for sale. This way companies can get their financing together and be ready to place a bid when the auction opens.  (Remember the blog stays posted for search engines to find 24/7). 


The list of reasons why blogging benefits Auction marketing strategies is endless, so we have narrowed it down for you to learn why blogs prove so essential. 

  1. Allow for timely conversations. Blogs allow for a conversation in real-time, on industry trends, news, products, and opinions on on-going events. Breaking blogs up into different parts of a bigger topic keeps the reader engaged while ensuring they will want to come back for more. 
  2. You are the author AND the owner of the content. With that ownership comes the ability to integrate the content into all of the channels of your marketing strategy.
  3. Brand voice. Blogs give your company a voice. You can choose your tone and the way your readers perceive you. 
  4. SEO. Blogs increase SEO. With Google ranking, every character across the internet, ranking high as an Auction company, is key to success. With via keyword-rich content, fresh content, and additional indexed pages, you will be a strong SEO contender.
  5. No time restraints. Blogs don’t run on a 9-5. You can post at any time of day, on any topic you would like. You can inform your readers of what is currently going on in your field and any actions they should take. This attributes to your company being a trusted resource in the B2B auction space.
  6. Steady stream of content for multiple channels. Blogs provide shareable content that can be used in parts or as a whole. The content can be shared on social media, RSS feeds, and email newsletters, solving your content calendar dilemmas. 
  7. Blogs supply content for social media campaigns. Curated content can be shared throughout social media channels quickly, spread virally, and used for B2B auction campaign awareness.
  8. Drive conversions and nurture your leads. Blogs are one of the best channels for driving conversions and nurturing leads. When someone likes what they see on your blog, they’re likely to come back for more. 
  9. Blogs are flexible. They can assist B2B auction companies in achieving goals through various forms of content. Blogs become the gateway for readers to access other pieces of your inbound marketing strategy, including newsletters, webinars, white papers, establishing a relationship they will trust.
  10. Blogs provide metrics. ROI, conversion rates, tracking, qualified leads, and more. These metrics help to determine how effective your marketing efforts are and how to proceed in the future.

It is time for you to have a Omni-channel marketing strategy in place and blogging has to be part of the plan.  Gone are the days of hard selling. Now you must concentrate on building relationships and that means offering some information that will help educate people on what you do and why it can benefit them.