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Why I Recommend These Two Email Lists For Industrial Auction Campaigns

I recently had a client who had to explain to upper management why they work with World Innovators and why I recommend the sources I do. Here is the response I sent back that I thought might be of interest to other people.

Why World Innovators for Industial Auctions-1

Details on why these sources must be part of your marketing strategy -

GV Business Database

  • On average we see above an 8% click-thru rate
  • The database contains Worldwide records
  • Every record is Double Opted-in
  • All new registrants receive a “ Welcome” message asking specifically for permission to send them offers – Not just a check of a box or If they do not reply they are assumed to want to receive offers
  • The file is fully Can-Spam and GDPR Compliant
  • They maintain date/timestamp/originating opt-in location on every record


Informa -

  • Informa has become a media giant as a leading international event, intelligence (publications, online resources & database services), and scholarly research group. With products and offices operating in 30 countries around the globe, they have worldwide representation.
  • The cost to attend a conference is $ 1995 +, so the information that the attendee reports is very accurate.
  • The file also includes high priced newsletters and media services from Lloyds. Lloyds has been around since 1734 and known as the source of information in a variety of industries. -
  • My contact at Informa was able to review a list of specific companies my client wanted to reach, pull them, and match the profile to other companies on their database.
  • Informa offers these specialist buyers and decisions for data marketing purposes (postal, email, and programmatic). All records are scrutinized for quality and compliance for CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, and any other local or regional regulations. We have vast compliance and legal teams to manage our international databases daily.
  • To get the best response, they worked with me to create multi-blast or multi-channel packages to nurture the lead into becoming a bidder.

Time to Talk


Why use World Innovators -

  • Regularly sit down with publishers and conference companies to hear how they are keeping their files compliant and to see what is working.
  • Attend marketing shows around the world on direct marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, B2B marketing.
  • Attend industry specific shows in various industrial industries - manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, metalworking, and food.
  • World Innovators has been in the industry for almost 40 years and has significant volume discounts in place that the client receives.
  • With years of knowledge and experience, World Innovators can put together combination packages to get the best results. A cohesive marketing campaign is crucial, especially when selling substantial, expensive assets.


If you would like to discuss your specific auction in detail, please feel free to call (860)-210-8088 or email me directly.