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What's your B2B Marketing Goals?

What’s your goal?

Setting goals

When we think about our marketing plans we tend to think about the what, rather than the why. Let me explain…

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How many meetings have you attended that follow this pattern…

“Next on the agenda marketing. So marketing team what are we going to DO this quarter”

“Well Mike I’m glad you asked, we have some really exciting plans for a newsletter and weekly emails….”

Should it all be about Doing?

Probably not.

You see the top priority that is often overlooked and rarely discussed is what should you GAIN from your marketing?

So you see, it’s more about what your marketing is going to do for you.

A better conversation would be…

“So marketing, we have heard from sales that we need to generate more leads this quarter, specifically for the new line. Conversion rates are currently at 12%, so to hit target we’ll need at least 1200 qualified leads in months 1 and 2. How can we achieve that?”

Now, if you’re feeling like a bunny in the headlights right now that’s fine. This is often way beyond the comfort zone of many marketers, but this is a real conversation, it has meaning and now you’ve got to perform.

Marketing is no longer about ‘doing’ and filling up the day with tasks, but about planning and taking meaningful action


Looking backwards to move forwards

In our experience, taking meaningful action starts with looking backwards. Looking at what has gone before, what worked, what didn’t work so well. This is an important part of the process.

Next, you start to build a plan around things you know work and produce results. The rest is often guesswork albeit educated guesswork - no matter how much experience you have, until you’ve tried something you really can’t be sure of the results.

Staying focused

Remembering our goal isn’t to generate activity, but to generate results, we need to be able to hold ourselves, and our team, to account.

We recommend, setting meaningful milestones throughout the next period. Review what you have achieved, the impact it has had on results to date and adjust accordingly.

Marketing isn’t an exact science, the best we can do it try, test, measure and adjust.

Calling on experienced advisers is another way to bring more past experience to the table to give you the best chance of success. That’s where we can help. For a second opinion on your next marketing plan call Donna today on +1 860-210-8088 or email her directly