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Need Extra Set of Hands Marketing your Industrial Auctions?

When it comes time for Industrial Auction companies to increase their marketing initiatives, there are several option for business owners to consider: hire more employees to an in-house marketing team, utilize various consultants for singular function (Research sources, banner creation, content creation), or utilize a full-service marketing agency that can help you with all components to creative a cohesive message across all channels. 

Industrial Auctions

While each option has their pros and cons, many Industrial Auction companies are discovering that hiring an agency to handle their increased marketing demand is the most cost & time-efficient way to go. Lets review why that is true - 


Trust An Expert To Assist Your Marketing Team

Work with people who already know the best sources & messages that will help you achieve business growth by -

Tip: When looking for an agency, be on the lookout for an agency that does work in your specific space (Industrial Auctions) because that's where the breadth of their knowledge will be. Also, find out how long the clients have been with their firm.  In this day-and-age the length of time a company stays with a firm speaks volumes.


Positive Return on Your Investment

An agency is typically held to a higher standard than individual freelancers and must be accountable for every marketing initiative they implement.  Always mindful of delivering results, most agencies analyze the results very closely because they use what they find to create more responsive campaigns for the future.

ROI Formula, Calculation, and Examples of Return on Investment

Important:  Keep an open communication between your company and your agency. Your Agency will receive certain results but it is important they are inline with what you are seeing on your back end. When you work together with open communications, you will be able to improve on each Industrial Auction campaign to make sure you are achieving your marketing goals.  


Reduce Cost

As a business owner you know the expense involved in hiring an employee - Training, Salary, Taxes, Benefits, Vacation Days . . .   When you use an agency, you have access to a group of Industrial Auction specialists that can be used for 1-off promotion or a Long-term commitment. Some agencies have special arrangements with vendors:  volume discounts, special data pulls, faster turn-around and multiple channel promotions at no charge.  Reputable agencies will pass any savings onto their clients, thus increasing the ROI.


Flexibility Working with an Agency

All companies experience periods of growth and then slower periods. With a marketing agency, you can scale your marketing initiative based on your growth cycle. Find an agency that understands your volatile cycle and will not hold you to a retainer.

Staffing Agency Insurance: Types of Candidates

Agencies that are confident in their results will work with you because at the end of the day their main objective should be to help you reach your marketing goals. When you find the right agency, they should become an extension of your company working seamlessly to meet deadlines and increase sales.

If you would like to learn more about how a marketing agency can help you, please feel free to contact me directly -

Donna Peterson: OR (860)-210-8088


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