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Your Why Matters






Do you lay awake at night wondering how you got where you are, or why you get up for work everyday? Do you think about what your purpose is in life? Most of us live our entire lives trying to figure out the purpose of our existence. Why are we here?  Some of us figure it out and our lives are meaningful, we know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. There are people who know their purpose but, for some reason steer away from it. Then there are those that fail and live in the shadow of their purpose. 


When you know your Why, or your life’s purpose, it becomes easier to focus on what matters the most in your life and in your career. By staying focused on your goals, you are able to move in a positive direction and stay away from the distractions.


Knowing your purpose will help you find your true passion, and that passion will lead you to new and exciting opportunities. It also becomes the driving force for you to achieve extraordinary things you never thought you could.  


People who know their purpose in life are unstoppable. They know what they want and they will push through anything to get there. They shape their life according to their why. People who don’t know their purpose in life are not clear about what they want, and therefore waste their time on futile things.


When you why is clear, you base your decisions, thoughts, feelings and actions around that higher purpose. A person who knows their purpose tends to make a greater impact through their work, which encourages feelings of gratification, contentment, and joy.


When creating your Why statement it should be easy for you to communicate your why to anyone. It should be simple and clear, actionable, and be stated in a way that resonates with you. 


There are many benefits to having a Why statement. It not only guides your daily actions but makes future decisions easier.  You are more present in all areas of your life. You know what you want and goals are achievable. 


Make finding your Why a priority, if you haven't already.  Find your purpose that will make you excited to get up everyday and be the person you always wanted to be.