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Why Marketing Has Become So Popular

By Tracy Karavetsos

Customer engagement is at the heart of every business. Connecting with your target audience has become the number one job of marketing.  Knowing what your customer wants and providing them with the solution will put you ahead of the competition. You want to be top of mind with your customers so when they finally decide to make a purchase, they feel confident choosing your business.

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How To Make Your Restaurant Stand-Out During COVID-19

By Donna Peterson

It's March of 2020 and the world and economy seem to have done a 180. The Coronavirus has caused overwhelming changes in human to human interaction, including the idea of social distancing. As a result, laws all over the country are being changed. In CT, "eating in" at restaurants has been shutdown with service being restricted to take out and delivery only.

This has left many restaurants vulnerable to profit decline and inventory spoilage. So, what can you do to stay afloat during these times of chaos? The key to success seems to be innovative marketing.

Keep your restaurant top of mind and offer something unusual to attract customers and get their repeat business. Whether in good times or bad, you must first make sure you know your audience; are you serving millennials, the older generation, or families with kids?  

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How Renting Quality Business Email Lists Can Bring You Quality Leads

By Donna Peterson

If you are looking for quality leads as quickly as possible, then renting a reputable email list is the perfect solution. The major question is how to find reputable business email lists?



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How To Find Executives For Your Education Programs

By Donna Peterson

How many executives are there in the world?   There are 45,508 companies listed in the stock exchange around the world. Then if you consider all the other companies that are not on the stock exchange, there are millions of executives in the world that are all interested in keeping themselves current.   

How do you find the right executives for your particular program?


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