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Why Marketing Has Become So Popular

By Tracy Karavetsos

Customer engagement is at the heart of every business. Connecting with your target audience has become the number one job of marketing.  Knowing what your customer wants and providing them with the solution will put you ahead of the competition. You want to be top of mind with your customers so when they finally decide to make a purchase, they feel confident choosing your business.

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Why Mapping Your Customer's Journey is Important

By Donna Peterson

To stand out from your competition and to create successful marketing campaigns, you must create messaging that speaks directly to your audience. According to HubSpot, 42% of companies know their audience's basic demographics. Knowing your customers basic demographics is a great start, but more is needed to develop campaigns that will increase your customer base and loyalty.

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Use Social Media to Reach Your Target Audience

By Donna Peterson

Social Media is huge no matter what industry you are in.   The engagement and traffic generated from B2B social media can impact how you connect your audience to your product/service.  If you struggle with Social Media for your B2B Companies read the rest of this blog and checkout this Social Media Checklist.

LinkedIn reported at the end of last year they had 433 million registered users. That’s a huge pool of prospective customers for anyone operating in almost any business.

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