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Industrial Auction Companies What Is Your Largest Challenge?

By Donna Peterson

Have you ever promoted an auction and gotten stressed out because you were not seeing people register?

People register for auctions later and later, sometimes pushing registration off to the day of the auction.

How do you market your auction with confidence that the registrant will come?

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Why All Industrial Auction Companies Need To Be Blogging

By Donna Peterson

The word “blog” has been used for many years, associated with all levels of content creation, from a daily journal to a CEO’s official channel of communication. In 2020, the purpose of a blog is both multi-purposed and multifaceted. Blogs are an essential staple of a strong marketing strategy. They are especially prevalent in the B2B space, with 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Industrial Auctions can use blogging to educate and promote the benefits of using auction services.

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